From East To West… By Train

One of the things on my bucket list was to take a long train ride. When I say long, I mean a few days. So when I got the opportunity to take a 40 hour train ride from Moscow to Paris, I jumped on the opportunity. First, the catalyst. I was taking my flock to READ MORE

Russia – Part 2

As my adventures in Russia continue, I am discovering things I never thought could happen and the hilarity of limited communication skills and unmet expectations. I have gone to a few friendly business dinners while I’ve been here. The first time, I was told that we would be meeting at a bar. Knowing the Russian READ MORE

Cypriot quirks

Now that Cyprus is behind me I look back at some of its quirks and smile. They were sometimes confusing and sometimes frustrating but oftentimes I would look at them and secretly be jealous of this island life. Here are just some of the quirks and funny moments I had while there. Turkish coffee is READ MORE

Leaving Cyprus

As my time in Cyprus nears its end, I look back on the months spent here with mixed feelings. There was some heartache (it’s hard to say goodbye to a loved being) but there were also a lot of smiles and laughs. I spent time on both sides of the island. The Turkish side and READ MORE