Saint Gobain, France

After my WWOOFing experience, I took some time off to be alone with my little flock and enjoy the van that was starting to take shape. So off I went. No need to go far since I was already in the countryside. I drove a few kilometers out and found an entry path to a READ MORE

WWOOF in Picardie

When I first signed up for WWOOFing I had no idea what to expect. I’d always loved nature but farming was out of my league. Even basic gardening skills and taking care of house plants were beyond my abilities. So why did I sign up? For the adventure. To experience something new, to learn a READ MORE

Dans Le Port D’Amsterdam

This was my first time in Amsterdam and let me tell you I was really surprised in a good way! I bought my train ticket from Paris to Amsterdam at the last minute and already I was in for a surprise. Due to the late timing, the price of the regular tickets were very high, READ MORE

Paris, France

Since I’m French you might think this is a strange post. I write about my travels, not about home. But let me say that each place is different. Even in a small country you can find differences between each area so in a country big like France with many different environments, social circles, and geographical READ MORE

Russia – Part 2

As my adventures in Russia continue, I am discovering things I never thought could happen and the hilarity of limited communication skills and unmet expectations. I have gone to a few friendly business dinners while I’ve been here. The first time, I was told that we would be meeting at a bar. Knowing the Russian READ MORE

Cypriot quirks

Now that Cyprus is behind me I look back at some of its quirks and smile. They were sometimes confusing and sometimes frustrating but oftentimes I would look at them and secretly be jealous of this island life. Here are just some of the quirks and funny moments I had while there. Turkish coffee is READ MORE