Baer’s Crest

Baer’s Crest is a boutique firm focused on giving each of our clients the service they need. Our offered services list is short because we focus on our expertise.

Negotiation consulting to executives – we help you close better deals with your potential partners, in your mergers, acquisitions and any other venture which requires negotiation.

Sales management consulting – often times, sales managers need a little guidance. This need does not arise because of a lack of skills or abilities on the sales managers’ side, rather because being a sales manager is a very intensive job and it’s good to sometimes have the perspective from someone on the outside who knows the challenges related to this field specifically.

Business concierge service – whatever service you require, we probably have the right person for you in our network.

The Good Life Manifesto

Each one of us have different goals, but the thread that runs through them all is the desire to live a good life.

And while each one of us defines a good life as something different, there are some common elements to all such goals.

This is what we focus on.