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About Me

I am incredibly grateful to be able to live the life that I do. I have worked hard for it, but it was worth every second. 

In addition to my work, there are a lot of personal things which are out of the ordinary in which I am involved. For now, I do not post the volunteer work that I do since I do not feel I’d be able to do justice to the work that those charities do – and that is the only reason I would post details about my volunteer work.

But if you’re interested in travel, living a good life and in business, then this is the place for you.

Look around, feel free to reach out and say hi!

Northern Wales
Ludo in Kynance Cove, England

Places I have been to

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Follow our travels as we go from place to place in our trusty Land Rover, experience different cultures, enjoy local foods and see the beauty of the world.


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Ludo and Lola very informal


What Human does to pay the bills keep the flock’s crops full at all times.



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Ludo on Winston