About us

Our Land Nest

We have upgraded to the famous beast of a machine we were dreaming of.

A 1997 300tdi Land Rover Defender 110 which we have refurbished and upgraded. A video will be coming soon that will show it all.

The Beast is named Winston – after the infamous South African pigeon.

Our Sea Nest

We have a sea nest which is currently on land on a small beautiful island. When we go back to sea travels, I may decide at that time to get a new sea nest. 

The old one has been an angel for us and has kept us safe in storms and in good weather but as we spent more and more time on it, I realise our needs may be different than I initially thought.

The Adventure Crew

Our adventure crew is me and the flock. I am a lot less interesting than the flock, so let’s showcase them.

In Memoriam - Squeaky, Bookie, Piggy and Lucy

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