How to use fear as a Motivator

Introduction of Destiny Thomas: Hello everyone! Thanks again for joining me on this episode where I have the pleasure of interviewing Destiny Thomas, an educator, speaker, and purpose-driven mindset coach as well as the owner of Speak Destiny where she coaches clients through mindset reframing in order for them to identify their purpose. If you’ve READ MORE

How to embrace Life’s Surprises

Introduction of Trista Polo: Hello everyone! Thanks again for joining me on this episode where I have the pleasure of interviewing Trista Polo, Business and Entrepreneur Coach and Host of Trista’s PL8STORY Podcas In this conversation, we discuss many things including how to focus on what’s important and how to put aside fears by focusing READ MORE

How to be Brave and Courageous

Introduction of Vanessa McDonald: Hello everyone! Thanks again for joining us on this episode where we have the pleasure of interviewing Vanessa McDonald, Leadership Coach and Author of the Brave Journal.  In this conversation we discuss her previous career and what personal habit disgusted her so much it became the catalyst for what she does READ MORE

Budapest, Hungary

Let me start off by saying that Budapest is one of the most amazing cities I have had the privilege of visiting. Most of the people are incredibly polite and helpful even though they barely speak English. The city has kept its old style architecture and is just beautiful and even the less good parts READ MORE

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

I went to Dubai for 2 days, just for business. I knew I would barely have the time to do any tourist activities but if there is the possibility of mixing business and pleasure, I’d find a way. And I did. First of all, let me say that the politeness and level of service of READ MORE

Levis Saint Nom

Sometimes you arrive at a little town, that is so small and yet with such a big personality that it marks you. Not only because of its past, but rather because of its current population. This is exactly the case with a little village about 30 km outside of Paris known as Levis Saint Nom. READ MORE