The Good Life Manifesto

Be better. Be happier. Be more successful. Upgrade your life.

Do we all not want to have a better life? For each of us this can mean many different things. But do we know what they are? What is a better life?

Many of us are so focused on our day to day lives and stresses that we cannot see a larger picture of our lives. We may not be happy and we may not know why. Do we know what is really important to us? What can we do to make ourselves happier? Do we even know what happiness is to us?

The first step is to think about what you would like to improve in your life. Do you want to be more financially stable or successful? Do you want to improve your health? Do you want to deal with the stresses of your life better? Do you want to improve your people skills? Do you want to look at your life in a more philosophical way?

You can change your life. You can be happier. You can have a better life. All you need to do is start. Create an objective. Take action. Take a first step. And this is where we, The Good Life Manifesto, can help you.

We have a range of services to help you get started and then take your goals further. As well as our products and services, we offer free eBooks and toolboxes to help you begin improving your life. So what are you waiting for?

Baer’s Crest

Baer’s Crest is a boutique firm focused on giving each of our clients the service they need. Our offered services list is short because we focus on our expertise.

Negotiation consulting to executives – we help you close better deals with your potential partners, in your mergers, acquisitions and any other venture which requires negotiation.

Sales management consulting – often times, sales managers need a little guidance. This need does not arise because of a lack of skills or abilities on the sales managers’ side, rather because being a sales manager is a very intensive job and it’s good to sometimes have the perspective from someone on the outside who knows the challenges related to this field specifically.

Business concierge service – whatever service you require, we probably have the right person for you in our network.

Our subsidiaries are focused on providing businesses in hard to bank industries with all of the services they may need such as banking, payment processing, financing and more.

And if you’re just starting out, or hitting a challenge you need help with, we also have a mentorship program!

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