Claude Monet’s Old Stomping Ground

It’s not often you can look at a place and feel like you’re in a painting. And yet, that’s exactly what I felt when I went to Vetheuil. You see, this is where Claude Monet lived before he became famous and a good number of his paintings are of there. But what’s most amazing is that the place almost hasn’t changed at all. As you sit on at the coffee shop on the other side of the Seine and look at Vetheuil or just stroll along the Seine (on the other side) you can look at the landscapes and recognize the Monet paintings!

It is such a surreal moment. I almost felt like in the Mary Poppins scene when they step into the chalk drawings.

And it is so beautiful. So, so beautiful.

What I liked most about Vetheuil itself is that the city has kept its old buildings and old charm. Even the things that are new and have been renovated have been kept in the old world beauty of what it was like then and it is filled with plants and flowers everywhere. It was a pleasure to just walk around.

I stayed at a friend’s house nearby for a days and the serenity of the area along with the beauty really allow you to relax and be transported to a calm internal place. 

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