Goals & Vision Quests

I have one of the most irregular lifestyles you can imagine.  I tried in my younger years to be more stable since that’s what I was taught by society but I ultimately understood that my genetic pool was much too nomadic and that it would be better to honor my ancestors by being true to myself.  

Since I am a true believer in self-improvement I studied the methods of the greats on how to improve myself and my achievements.  One of the big things is setting goals. So I did. I set short term goals, long term goals and planned my way to each one. But this just made me very frustrated.  For two reasons, either because new opportunities came up that I couldn’t take advantage of even though I would have like to because I am very goal oriented, focused and determined or I would be my nomadic self and even though I had achieved a lot it wasn’t what I had originally set out to do, so I officially “failed”.  Even worse! Once a goal is achieved, I get to celebrate but then I would feel emptiness until I found a new goal! One day, I sat down and looked out at the birds flying around and let my thoughts wander.

Being true to myself

Did I really want to be like everyone else? If things were going in the right direction, did it really matter if the road was different than I initially thought it would be?  And that’s when I decided to change my method. I envisioned what I wanted my life to look like and feel like based on my deep seated values and preferences. To help me on my path I set milestones.

Why is a milestone better than a goal?

Why is a milestone different than a goal?  Because once you’ve achieved a goal you are done.  You can choose a new goal and that’s awesome but the old goal is done with.  And if, for some reason, you don’t choose a new goal immediately you are lost in limbo.  With milestones you can move them when circumstances change because they’re only one step in your journey. Whereas with a milestone, even if you don’t know yet what you’re next milestone is you are still on the path to your vision.  With a vision and milestones I can steer towards my vision even when the path changes since it’s an ultimate vision and new paths may show me better and more exciting ways of living the vision.  Since I have embodied this new way of achieving new heights, my life has become a vision quest. I don’t do goals anymore.

I challenge you to set out on a vision quest, the greatest of all, the vision quest to your life.

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