How to live your best life as a family

Introduction of Kimberly Amici:

Thank you for joining me on this episode where I have the pleasure of interviewing Kimberly Amici, a family coach. I personally loved this interview because I find families so interesting. Mine is not your usual family, and I assure you that that is an understatement, so having a chat with someone who meets and works with all kinds of families was very very interesting.

Kimberly is known for her creativity, strong faith, and commitment to living life with purpose and passion. She is an entrepreneur, designer, and podcast host. She is the founder of Build Your Best Family which helps people live a life of purpose with the ones they love and become the family they were meant to be through podcasts, courses, live events, and personal coaching. She lives with her husband Carl and their three teenagers in the NYC suburbs.

Don’t forget to listen to the end. After the interview, I’lI answer a question from the audience. This time I’ll answer a question about dealing with emotional baggage. 

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