Levis Saint Nom

Sometimes you arrive at a little town, that is so small and yet with such a big personality that it marks you. Not only because of its past, but rather because of its current population. This is exactly the case with a little village about 30 km outside of Paris known as Levis Saint Nom.

I arrived there and stayed near the cemetery since that gives me access to drinking water, it’s quiet at night and usually does not disturb people. This cemetery was right on the edge of an incredible forest that looked enchanted. I got our camping site set up and we went to sleep.

The next morning, as I was preparing things for us, I hear Lucy make a noise that says “I’m seeing something interesting”. However since she often makes that noise when looking out at nature, I didn’t pay too much attention. But then, I notice that Piggy also makes that noise and that is something she almost never does. So I immediately look up and what do I see? 

A pheasant!!

A pheasant running right by us going from one side to the other. The gorgeous colors on that pheasant, might god. If only I’d been quick enough to get a picture of him. Alas, I only have a picture of his behind and even that is from far away.

Later that day, I met some officials who were incredibly nice and generous with their time and information. They asked me if I didn’t mind sleeping near a cemetery. I joked that it’s actually incredible since no one comes at night so it is very quiet and peaceful. Great for a night’s rest.

We stayed there for a few days and met some people who continued to give us a great impression of the village. There is a little church there that rings three times a day. Once in the mornings, at noon and in the evening. I admit that that is my favorite part of being out in the country in France. Being able to tell time by the ringing of the church bells. I’m Jewish and yet let me tell you there is something magical about it.

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