Paris, France

Since I’m French you might think this is a strange post. I write about my travels, not about home. But let me say that each place is different. Even in a small country you can find differences between each area so in a country big like France with many different environments, social circles, and geographical differences Paris is not similar at all to the area I grew up in as a kid. Add to this that most of my life was outside of France and you’ll understand my desire to write about my time in Paris.

When I left Russia, I initially thought I’d be going back to Cyprus. I’ve written already about my train ride from Moscow to Paris so I won’t bring that up again but it’s just to say that it was completely unexpected. Once in France I initially thought I’d move down to the South West within one or two weeks and spend my time in France in that area. But “man plans and God laughs”. Instead I spent two months in Paris. There is no doubt that Paris is beautiful. The architecture, the history, the monuments. There are parcs also, full of greenery. Parisians don’t always notice the beauty because they are so used to seeing it all of the time but as I told one lady who stopped me to ask me what I thought was worth photographing, if you look at it like a tourist you will find a lot of beautiful things. The small streets hold many gems.

The one thing that really bothered me about Paris was the smell of pee in many streets and the metro. It can ruin some otherwise incredible things to see.

The cultural scene is also very developed. I went to see a show of “Le Cirque Electrique” which is a modern type circus (humans only) which is done by extremely talented individuals. But do keep in mind, it is not for the faint of heart. It is an exceptionally decadent show.

I spent some time camping on the outskirts of Paris which was really nice since it let me drive into the city when needed but let me stay the rest of the days in a quiet area with trees and birds – not what you normally expect when thinking about Paris.

If you go to Paris, the biggest joys are the little cafes and the historical monuments. Just walk around the city and you’ll see beautiful architecture.

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