Beatrice – our Land Nest

To travel by land, I purchased a van which could be fixed up and made into the beast I want it to be.

It’s a Renault Master with a high top. It’s high off the ground and has a lot of space inside.

It is still a work in progress but by the time I am done with it (within 6 months tops!), I will be able to take it anywhere and stay fully independent for weeks at a time.

Why Beatrice? I’ll tell you once I reveal her before and after shots.

Our Sea Nest

We have a sea nest which is currently on land on a small beautiful island. When we go back to sea travels, I may decide at that time to get a new sea nest. 

The old one has been an angel for us and has kept us safe in storms and in good weather but as we spent more and more time on it, I realise our needs may be different than I initially thought.

The Adventure Crew

Our adventure crew is me and the flock. I am a lot less interesting than the flock, so let’s showcase them.

Lola the cockatiel - Vuillier
Lola (ma belle)
Lucy the pigeon - Vuillier
Lucy (poussinette)
Piggy (ma poule)

In Memoriam - Squeaky and Bookie

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